Dogdaddy is a National Non Profit 501(c)3 Animal Cruelty Prevention Organization.

2015 and 2016 Dogdaddy Festivals: ,Miami, New Orleans, San Diego and Las Vegas.

The Dogdaddy organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit and was founded over five years ago as an Animal Cruelty Prevention organization for the dog-loving. Our Website is an information clearing house for the Dog loving community. We  have created Dogdaddy which hosts high profile dog adoption events regionally and nationally which help to support numerous local and national canine rescues and shelters. Our Dogdaddy Festival combines everything from entertainment, food and shopping, to educational booths, renowned guest lecturers and adoption proceedings. non-profit Sponsors and Donations:

Proceeds donated to Dogdaddy by sponsors and individuals go directly in to the Dogdaddy Festival dog adoption events, Dogdaddy Dog Food Drives, and to rescues and shelters requiring emergency supplies including but not limited to: Dog food, medical services, medical supplies, crates, transportation, transportation expenses for rescuers.


The Dogdaddy Foundation will support with the following:

Website costs, editors, advertising, free advertising of non profits in need, upcoming e books, pet care books, legal defense fund page,and the development of all future fundraising programs and bailout funds with one objective, "To Create A Life Annuity For Dogs" by fundraising and education,24 hours a day,7 days a week.

We will not stop until our Dogs are treated the same way we treat our elders and our children


DOGDADDY’S mission is all about your dog's health, well being, and happiness. Our goal is to have fun with our dogs and our families. Anyone who has a dog knows that they are the most direct way to our hearts, rewarding us with a fuller, healthier, and richer life than we could imagine.

That’s why we not only cook for our dogs, but we offer advice from top breeders, great veterinarians (both clinical and holistic) nutritionists, trainers, and herbalists to get dog owners to think out of the box when relating to their dogs and other pets. We are confident that dog owners will find all the necessary information to properly take care of their dogs here at DogDaddy. Everyone involved with DogDaddy is a serious dog lover and volunteers their time because they are passionate about helping our canine friends. We hope your dogs becomes as healthy and happy as ours. Remember to hug your dog today!

Sincerely yours,

DogDaddy is a member of the New Hope/Lambertville Rotary. Dogdaddy is a community organization benefiting struggling rescues and shelters by sponsoring dog adoption events. We also support local food pantries such as" Fishermans Mark "by raising dog food and people food through our Dogdaddy Festival . We utilize donation locations and the news media to raise awareness and educate people. 100% of the donations go directly to these organizations. Dogdaddys' goal is to to bring communities back to that "sense of community" they once had. Dogs tend to bring the best out in all of us and we felt that dog festivals sparking community events would be in everyone's best interest. The integrity of our dogs has remained unshaken while their character remains beyond reproach. Dogdaddy believes that dogs are our guides and teachers, leading us towards treating others as they should be treated, with respect, kindness, honesty, empathy and unconditional love.


About the Founder, Dave Decker.
My first dog/ son was a magnificent 120 lb. giant chocolate lab named Hershey. He helped me through a terrible series of events spanning over several years of my life. While walking Hershey, some folks would stop me and say at first they mistook him for a small brown bear. He would walk around town with a lumbering gentle nature and the kids loved him, without hesitation. Hershey exuded kindness and unconditional love. He patiently taught me about dogs and nature as dogs do, when we pay attention to them. I believe that Dogs are our teachers and guides that show us how to have fun and play, as well as teaching us kindness, empathy and unconditional love.

To my boys Hershey and Sage. I have done all of this in your honor, for you saved my life. I will love and miss you both forever, Your Dad.

(Hersheys' actual picture is our logo).

(Sages' photos' ( My golden retriever) are posted on the website header.