Spay & Neuter


Non-Surgical (US FDA approved) Neutering

Before going the traditional route with surgical neutering, please consider non-surgical techniques such as “Zinc Neutering.” This procedure involves a painless injection and does not involve the surgical removal of any body tissue. For more information about this procedure, please visit

Still need some more convincing? Please view the video recorded by Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, to see how altering your dog’s physiology may inadvertently lead to disease and draw your own conclusions.


Most dogs in the world are unwanted. In much of the world they are feared and despised.

  • Worldwide 75 percent of all dogs born are unwanted: that’s 375 million of them. At least 90 percent are in developing nations; animal welfare and spay/neuter programs are not on the horizon for them.
  • Tens of thousands of people in these same developing nations die of rabies each year and dogs are the vectors in over 98 percent of cases of rabies in humans. This fact leads to fear of dogs; killing campaigns target thousands of stray dogs each year.
  • In chronic poverty an estimated five million rabies vaccines are given out by government health agencies, while fewer than 200,000 spays or neuters are provided in these same areas.
  • Promising research is underway on a rabies vaccine that also prevents litters. This important research is halted due to a lack of funds.

What if researchers piggyback a contraceptive for dogs into already existing rabies programs?

  • A combined contraceptive and rabies vaccine for dogs would transform the future for millions of stray dogs and revolutionize rabies control.
  • Using the existing rabies distribution network, over twenty times the number of female dogs could be reached with sterilent than are reached by surgery now.
  • Vaccinated for rabies, dogs can be welcomed friends not feared enemies.


In a collaborative project with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) is working on a proof of concept for a combined contraceptive and rabies vaccine.

Some statistics:

  • of the half billion dogs in the world, 75% are unwanted
  • over 90% of homeless dogs are in underdeveloped nations where there are no animal welfare laws and/or animal shelters
  • more dogs are killed by clubbing, electrocution or intentional starvation than are euthanized by lethal injection worldwide
  • in chronic poverty, sterilization programs are provided by NGOs
  • in chronic poverty, anti-rabies programs are provided by the government. Many (including in Mexico and Latin America) are well organized and reach a large segment of the population
  • tens of thousands of people die of rabies each year
  • Over 98% contract rabies from dogs, making dogs into animals to fear rather than to befriend
  • Piggybacking a sterilent into the existing infrastructure to deliver rabies vaccine could ensure reaching dogs in remote areas in which surgical spay/neuter is decades away