Dave Decker , founder of Dogdaddy is a Humane Society Policy leader Volunteer for Pennsylvania.

Q & A About Fitness

Q. How much exercise qualifies a dog as an athlete, and do canine athletes have special dietary needs? A. It's similar to human athletes. There are sprinters, acrobats, marathon runners, all with different nutritional considerations. On the one hand, you have earthdogs (the dachshunds and such) designed for fast, short sprints, and then there are [...]

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DogDaddy's Fit

Dogs are born to work for a living. They've worked alongside us for thousands of years, and most are bred for a particular purpose, like hunting, herding livestock or providing protection. Dog's wild relatives spend most of their waking hours scavenging and hunting for food, caring for offspring, defending territory and playing with each other. [...]

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Press Release: Dogdaddy.org

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 17, 2014 Contact: Dave Decker DogDaddy.org wishes to announce it's recently-granted national not-for-profit status from the U.S. Department of the Treasury (IRS) and is effective (retroactively) as of November 2011.This now enables our locally New Hope based organization to continue to fulfill its mission and assure that all past, present, and [...]

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