Dave Decker , founder of Dogdaddy is a Humane Society Policy leader Volunteer for Pennsylvania.

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2019 DogDaddy Dog Food Drive Benefits Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry

NEW HOPE, PA – www.DogDaddy.org, an animal cruelty prevention organization dedicated to the health, wellbeing and happiness of our dogs, is involved with Fisherman’s Mark, a local food pantry, to feed the dogs of people in financial distress whose only other option is to give their dogs up for adoption to local rescues or shelters. All types of properly sealed pet foods are encouraged. Proceeds and donations will support the Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry (

Dave Decker, President of DogDaddy.Org, Inc., states, “We here at DogDaddy believe that with the help of dog food drives, we can help to prevent people in financial distress from being forced to surrender their dogs.”

DogDaddy is involved with local shelters to feed the dogs of people in financial distress whose only other option is to give their dogs up for adoption to local rescues or shelters. The DogDaddy organization feels that if there is any possibility of delaying or possibly stopping people in financial distress from giving their dogs up, then it is a worthy cause to either donate dog food or money to purchase these foods in order to feed the dogs in peril.

Special Thanks to the Bucks County Herald  for their ongoing support of the DogDaddy organization since their inception. Go to www.Dogaddy.org  for more info.

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14 years ago my life completely changed without warning. I was a contractor and while on a job, I fell approximately 30 feet, breaking my back, ribs, hips, femur, pelvis, and suffering internal organ damage. The prognosis for recovery was grim and rehabilitation was tough. Through over eight years of rehabilitation I had severe limitations and suffered chronic pain. Had it not been for my dog, Hershey, a Giant Chocolate Lab Newfoundland, I would have become wheelchair bound. Hershey forced me up and out, as he required walking and care. His companionship was priceless during the worst times. Without even knowing it, Hershey saved my life. Another lifeline during this period was Fisherman’s Mark. During recovery, workmen’s compensation would periodically stop my medical and financial benefits. I found myself out of food on these occasions and turned to the Food Pantry at Fisherman’s Mark in order to supplement the cost of living for Hershey and myself. This allowed me to keep Hershey and continue to facilitate my recovery. Today, I have recovered from my accident enough to be active in the community. With a regimen of constant physical training, diet and supplements I have rehabilitated myself and I’m back on my feet, physically and financially. My story might be quite different if I had been in a situation where I had to surrender my dog due to my economic and physical distress. As a result, my mark in the community is Dogdaddy.org through which I have found a